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Couple on a date


Keep the romance alive by going on engaging new dates. This service includes one-time, monthly, or every-other-month personalized dates for one year.

Here's how the process works:


We start with a phone or in-person conversation to get to know you, your interests, and how we can help you make the most out of your relationship. 


From there we research date options that are completely tailored to your relationship, let you pick your favorite plan, and take care of all the reservations.

Extra Touches

We make sure you get the best deals, send reminders of upcoming dates, monitor local activities or bands we know you're interested in, and can even provide handcrafted invitations for your dates.


First Dates

Take it from "Nice to meet you" to "When can I see you again?" A thoughtful and unique first date can make all the difference.


Your proposal will set the tone for the rest of your relationship, not to mention be the story that you and your significant other will tell for the rest of your lives. Make the most out of your moment!


Whether you want a party with friends and family or an intimate night for two, your anniversary deserves to be a memorable milestone.

To add an anniversary gift, see More Services - Personalized Gifts

Significant Others


Create new memories that are completely tailored to your relationship.

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