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Add pizzazz to your party with these DIY garlands!

Garlands are one of our very favorite ways to spruce up our events. These DIY garlands are all the rage and they are easier to recreate than you think!

Here are some of the best DIY garlands out there.

1. This Springy Paper Garland is easy to make and requires almost no materials - check out the step-by-step instructions at Oh Happy Day. 2. This garland is perfect for those who want a DIY feel without having to actually spend the time crafting. This amazing paper flower garland can be bought on Etsy. 3. I couldn't love this Big Fringe garland more. What a perfect photobooth background! DIY steps can be found on Oh Happy Day - and it's easier than it looks! 4. Fabric garlands are all the rage, and the simplicity of this one adds to it's splendor. See how Casey crafted this on Sugar Lander. 5. This anthro-inspired garland will leave your guests in awe. To copy this hanging art piece, check out Bird's Party.

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