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Eye-Catching Easter Eggs

Crack the habit of traditional easter eggs with these unexpected, stylish designs. Whether you set up a decoration station for a party, have a date night at home, or get the whole family involved, you’ll find that it’s easier than you think to ring in spring with these eye-catching eggs.

Mixed media - get creative with different materials and textures.

Personalized - put your own spin on the day by making silhouettes of everyone, or turn the traditional easter egg hunt into a scavenger hunt by putting clues inside plastic eggs.

Sharpie - all you need is a marker to create countless patterns or even Humpty Dumpty eggs. Not only are these stylishly minimalistic, but you won’t have to deal with messy dyes!

Modern take on dip-dye - for an updated look while still using traditional dye, try pouring the dye onto the egg in abstract layers or sleek, clean colorblocking.

Decoupage - glue any pattern or cut-out right onto the egg for wow-worthy detail.

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