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Top 5 Party Bus Occasions for SF

There are countless ways to consider working a party bus into your San Francisco event or celebration. The nature of professional transportation is an easy way to offer both convenience and safety to events if you plan on indulging in drinks with friends. Even if that's not the case for you, many people aren't aware of the sheer possibilities of professional transportation, and that's why we're here with the top five celebrations to consider reserving a California Party Bus Service.


San Francisco is a place where many big names and indie artists come to perform. Whether you're attending a concert at the Fillmore, Golden Gate Theatre, or any other number of venues in the area, be sure to consider professional transportation. You wont have to circle the venue searching for an expensive parking spot or deal with ordering an Uber to pick you up from a crowded scene! Plus, the night doesn't have to end when the music stops. You can head on to the next destination or enjoy your safe ride home.

Sporting Events

The Bay Area sports teams offers year long fun for spectators. The 49ers, Warriors, Giants, and Raiders have a loyal following, and for good reason. It's especially fun to tailgate at a game with a party bus along for the ride. The interior is filled with great amenities like spacious interiors for socializing, flat screens with DVD capabilities, stream ready audio systems, cup holders for beverages, and plush seating for relaxation. Plus, who wants to deal with stadium traffic and parking?

Girls Night Out

It's not often that you're able to get all of the girls organized to go out on the same night. Sometimes, it just seems too difficult when you think about work schedules and other commitments. Reserving a limo or party bus is a great way to get everybody on board for a night of safe fun. You can check out destinations like paint and wine parties and aerial yoga classes, or simply hop to and from your favorite bars.

Holiday Parties

The holidays are a joyful time where a lot of celebration takes place with friends, family and the work place. Involving transportation with your holiday party offers organization and guaranteed entertainment for everybody involved. Bring on a tray of food, your favorite drinks, and enjoy one of your favorite holiday movies on the DVD players. All you have to do is direct the chauffeur on where to go!

Date Night

In this busy day and age, it's safe to say that romance often takes the back burner. However, professional transportation such as a car service or limousine can elevate your date night like never before! There's something to be said about being escorted from one date spot to the next by a chauffeur who is well versed in customer service. It will make you feel as though you're actually able to focus on the night instead of the logistics.

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